Rhine began as a small demolition and site development service in 1949. In the almost 70 years since, we have grown to become the region’s premier demolition and abatement contractor — as well as a regional leader in demolition recycling.

Our company is headed by CEO Doug Rhine. Through his leadership, we have experienced strong, continued growth over the years. Mr. Rhine understands that a company is only as good as its people and their tools. That’s why we hire the best employees and have assembled the largest demolition equipment fleet in the Northwest.

Our fleet includes a wide variety of hydraulic excavators with specialized salvage and demolition attachments, custom specialty tools, and a portable crushing plant for on-site concrete recycling. We have semi-trucks for offsite material transportation, off-road trucks for on-site material transport, and loaders, dozers, and compactors for site preparation and material processing work.

Our Services

Full Demolition

From a bridge to pier or 10-story building, we’re equipped and ready. Rhine specializes in all kinds of demolitions, including buildings, piers, docks, wharfs, bridges, manufacturing plants, mills, and other industrial facilities.

We can do it all because have the largest equipment fleet in the western US. This includes cranes for hoisting or conventional wrecking, hydraulic excavators with specialized demolition and salvage attachments, and concrete recycling plants. We also have semis for material transportation, off-road trucks for on-site recycling, loaders, bulldozers and compactors for other incidental earthwork.


Hazardous Materials Abatement is a job that must be done right the first time, every time. Rhine is a leader in the removal and disposal of hazardous materials, and our core team has more than 100 years of combined experience. We safely and effectively remove asbestos, lead, mold, PCB’s, mercury and contaminated soils, and dispose of them in the appropriate Subtitle C or Subtitle D landfills.

Rhine has the ability to quickly respond to your project needs. Our higher-than-industry-standard pollution liability limit provides assurance that we can and will do the job right.

Selective Demolition

Selective demolition projects require extreme precision and care, while minimizing disturbances to the rest of the structure and its occupants. Rhine has the equipment, the personnel, and the expertise to safely and efficiently meet the challenge.

Here’s one example of Rhine performance: working in one of the largest freestanding buildings in the US, we cut and removed framework a mere 15 feet away from an operational 747 assembly line. Because none of the removed materials could be dropped to the bay floor, every piece was carefully lowered to the ground throughout the process.

Concrete Crushing

On-site recycling of demolished concrete rubble has numerous benefits. It is ideal for customers who are developing their site and are in need of fill or surfacing material. The benefits include reduced costs for haul-off and disposal, and reducing or eliminating the need to purchase and import gravel or fill products. Aside from the cost savings, the reduced truck trips and natural resource depletion are better for the environment.

While many companies do not own their own crushing plants, Rhine has two types, enabling us to quickly facilitate any size project. Our high capacity crushing plant is semi-mobile, and best suited for extremely large projects. The other is an easy-to-move track mounted plant, perfect for small to mid-sized projects.

Reclaimed Wood

The demand for vintage reclaimed wood has never been greater, and architects and craftsmen across the globe reuse this important natural and beautiful resource. Rhine specializes in providing hard-to-find woods unlike any you’ll find in a lumberyard.

Rhine Reclaimed Wood
Our Company

On Time and On Budget

Our company is comprised of highly skilled operators, laborers, teamsters, and industry experts with decades of experience safely completing demolition and abatement projects of all sizes and complexities. As in all industries, technology has brought about many changes in methods and approaches. Our philosophy is to employ the most appropriate tool for each situation. This philosophy has brought about the acquisition of the most sophisticated demolition equipment available. This equipment, in conjunction with skilled operators, has allowed us to consistently complete projects on or ahead of schedule.


We are committed to employee training. Our key personnel are trained in hazardous materials, asbestos handling, as well as more general asbestos and lead awareness. In addition, our employees receive CPR and first aid training. We’re dedicated to providing for public safety, and a safe work environment for our employees and for all site personnel. This ensures a smooth and safe project progression.